Internet Infrastructure Specialists

Island Bridge Networks builds and manages ISP networks. If you are a small to medium sized ISP with an AS number and your own block(s) of IP addresses then talk to us! If you think this is something you need, we can advise you on how to proceed.

Our customers include ISP access providers using wireless links, VDSL, FTTx and cable; data centres providing on site and campus internet access; owners of fibre assets looking to provide dark fibre, wave circuits and more sophositicated l3vpn / mpls services; VoIP providers; specialist internet / online application providers; and internet exchange points (IXPs).

Our complete core and edge ISP network engineering service includes vendor management for hardware, upstream IP and IXP links, and data centre / co-location providers; design, build and management of the core and edge networks; all related critical infrastructure including authoritative DNS, recursive DNS, NTP, route reflectors, remotely triggered blackholing, DDoS mitigation, AAA/RADIUS; and management infrastructure including support channels to us, monitoring and alerting, graphing and dashboards, documentation, VPN access, IPAM.

Data Centre & Service Provider

Vendor management; core networks; access networks; optical transport; software defined networks; build, commission and remote hands.

Fault Resilient Networks

We build fault resilient networks with no single points of failure. We then add 24/7 monitoring and proactive maintenance to ensure your services are always available to your customers.

Professional Services

Network design consultancy; network reviews; security audits; high availability consultancy; vendor management.

We are devoted to our craft

Our engineers are passionate about building robust, functional, secure and fault tolerant networks.

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